I started my passion for cooking when I was young, I lived with my grandmother in Puerto Rico and  she not only taught me how to cook, but we ate only what we grew. We did not have a lot of money, But the Island had great agriculture to live and eat healthy. When I came to the United States I tried a Big Mac and was sick for almost 2 weeks. I never again ate processed food. I love to grow my own veggies , but mostly herbs because I love flavor in my food. I have my Bachelors degree in Business and I just enrolled in the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts which I am excited to be accepted . This is a new journey for my career that I am happy to pursue it with God always by my side.  So please order once or all the time what  ever your heart desires. As I continue my journey , I will be making changes along the way with new menu plans  that fits the seasons. Private Chef cooking for a dinner party or social events. I will  be there to make the best food for your event. 


All orders are due every Thursday for Monday deliveries. Please call for further details.

Meal Plans


Per Week 5 days

This week meal

Grilled Mesquite Chicken(5)


Salad Jars


Per Day

This week Salad

Buddha Bowl 


Weekly Service


Per Week

Upon Request

Nacho Kale Chips


Daily Service


Per Day

Today's Meal ‚Äč

Cabbage Rolls(3)

Includes 1 medium carrot apple  and beet juice.


Weekly Menu

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